Scheduling in Kubernetes

In Kubernetes, scheduling refers to selecting a node on which to run a workload. Scheduling is handled by the Kubernetes Scheduler.

Node Taints

Node taints control which pods are allowed to run on which nodes. Pods can include tolerations, which override taints for that specific pod.

Each taint has an effect:

If a pod doesn’t have the appropriate toleration, the NoExecute effect:

  • Prevents new pods from being scheduled on the node.
  • Evicts existing pods.

Resource Requests

In the container spec, you can specify resource requests for resources such as memory and CPU.

apiVersion: v1
kind: Pod
  name: my-app
  - name: frontend
    image: busybox
        memory: 64mi
        cpu: 250m

The scheduler then avoids scheduling pods on nodes that lack the necessary resources to satisfy the requests.